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Touch Gallery 1 Main Image

Touch Gallery: #1 is the first in a series of apps that are similar to painting and coloring apps, but are both more engaging visually and also much easier to play. Each page starts with just a segmented outline of a piece of artwork, and as each blank segment is clicked, that segment of the artwork is put into its proper place. After all of the blank areas have been clicked on, the full original artwork is visible.

Artwork for No. 1 is by painter/illustrator/sculptor/children's book author Alexis St. John. See more of her wonderful work on her website.

Level i is intended to be very easy to work with. There are five separate artwork pages, with  7-12 segments on each that the player must click on to complete the artwork. If a parrot, other animal, or person can interact with a tablet at all, they will be able to navigate this app to its full potential. The segments can be carefully clicked one by one, or they can eventually all get clicked through random interaction with the screen.

The app deploys a simple clicking sound when each segment is clicked. Turn sound all the way down if you prefer not to have any sound accompanying the game play.

Higher levels in the series will have more segments or different types of challenges.