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Patricia Pizer, Co-Foundr
    Patricia Pizer, Co-Founder

Name: Patricia Pizer
Species: Human (Homo sapiens)
Role: Director of Games Research & Fun
Instagram: @realgamerred
Email: ppizer at

An Infocom alum and 30+ year veteran of the games industry, Patricia mentored under Steve Meretzky for several years. Following Infocom, she worked at such studios as Boffo Games, THQ/GameFX and Harmonix Music. Patricia moved into MMOGs as Creative Director at Turbine Entertainment (Asheron’s Call) before working at Disney’s VR Studio on Toontown. After a stint applying her design skills to Alternate Reality Games for 42 Entertainment with Elan Lee, she returned to Disney where she designed DGamer (an avatar based DS/web children’s Social Network) and the Club Penguin DS adventure. Following her work as Creative Director at ZeeGee Games, Patricia became CCO of Where's The Fun Games, consulting with game developers and, more recently, developing tablet-based video games for parrots. Mostly though, she just likes to play games.

Specialties: Game design, storytelling, leadership, team building, exploring and utilizing new technology to create the most immersive game experiences.

Virginia H. Wright, CEO
    Virginia Wright, Co-Founder

Name: Virginia Wright
Species: Human (Homo sapiens)
Role: Director of Art & Technology
Instagram: @parrotconcepts
Email: vwright at

Virginia Wright has a Bachelor’s degree in music (oboe performance), with professional experience in online and print design, IT/systems administration, and arts/nonprofit management and administration. She has passions for visual and performing arts, worldwide tea cultures, animal intelligence and welfare, and social equity and justice. She has contributed articles and essays for publication, both online an in print on a range of topics, including arts, culture, and heritage.

After relocating from California to Seattle, she worked for several years as a graphic artist and pre-press designer. This work led to several years as a systems administrator for ad agencies, and for an arts publisher. Her technical background, in combination with her experience in management and leadership in volunteer positions at several arts nonprofits, led to work as a manager and administrator in the arts and culture sector of the nonprofit world.

She was inspired to work on developing video games for parrots as she became more aware of how smart and curious they are, and observed how well effectively could interact directly with technology, providing them with stimulating new forms of enrishment.

Specialties: website development, systems administration, management, development and fundraising, strategic planning, writing, marketing and communication.

Buster, QA Lead
    Buster, QA Lead

Name: Buster Keaton
Species: Goffin's Cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana)
Role: Quality Assurance Lead

Buster Keaton was hatched in 1994. Named after the silent film star because he does his own stunts & Patricia loves films, his nicknames are: Tookie (after the bird in George of the Jungle cartoons), TookieToo, BBird, Monster, “pain in the butt.” His favorite human food is whatever Patricia is eating. His biggest fear is stuffed animals & whatever he suddenly decides is terrifying. He loves shooting chips of wood at Patricia when she’s driving, and he occasionally talks in his sleep. His favorite thing to do? Chew. Anything. Everything. He likes showing off too.

Peach, QA Lead
    Peach, QA Lead

Name: Peach
Species: Goffin's Cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana)
Role: Quality Assurance Lead
Instagram: @dailycockatoo

Peach was hatched between 1981-1985. She came to live with Virginia in February of 2020, after spending five years in her first home, thirty years in another household, and more than two years in a pet store. She is very intelligent and curious, and does an excellent job product testing our apps. She was able to figure out how to interact with an electronic tablet pretty easily, with a little encouragement in the form of treats.

Peach does not talk, and has never exhibited interest in imitating human speech or any other sounds. She "writes" for The Daily Cockatoo and is active on Instagram.