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Nutcrackers Main Image

This is our very first game for parrots. It's a good tool for teaching a parrot to interact with a screen by using treats for successful touches with a tongue. Technically, a parrot could use a foot, but most parrots are going to explore with their beak. Touching any one of the nuts will trigger the image to change to a picture of an open nut with the word for that nut, and also a sound of the name of the nut.

In "WORDS" mode, the words for each nut are shown, and they change to an image of the nut when touched. The name of the nut is also sounded at the same time. Switching back and forth between WORDS mode and IMAGES mode is easy, using the small buttons in the corners.

The game can be used to teach a bird the names of each of the nuts, or to identify what the word of the name of the nut looks like.